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Tripped GFCI

Resetting a GFCI plug or breaker
For proper functioning, there’s a need to reset a GFCI every time it has turned off power. A GFCI must be reset also for its maintenance once or twice a month. Resetting this outlet is easy with its reset and test button. Below are instructions on how to reset a GFCI outlet.
·         Prepare the appliance. Turn off all appliances that are plugged into your GFCI breaker or better yet, unplug them from the outlet. This will secure the appliances from damage during the re-engagement of the circuit.
·         Find the reset button. The buttons are located on the front of the GFCI outlet. Press the test button first and then the reset button. Current flow to the outlet should immediately resume after resetting.  Test the outlet with a circuit tester or an electrical appliance like a hairdryer. Refer to the next step if the outlet still has no power.
·         Find the breaker panel. Sometimes the problem with an unpowered GFCI outlet is that the breaker has tripped. This is also your way to reset the outlet in case it a GFCI breaker was used. Locate the breaker that is connected to the electrical circuit where the GFCI outlet is connected. Push the breaker’s test button first then switch the breaker off and on. Test the outlet again. The GFCI circuit should have power. If not, please contact our service department immediately. It could be a sign that the GFCI or the breaker is broken. Replacing the damaged part should be done immediately.

Your electrical system is potentially dangerous. If you’re unsure of your abilities or about any aspect of the job, please call our service department for assistance at (780) 435-5844 ext 2.